Terms and conditions of use

Rule 1

BOOTS & MORE LLC guarantees the CLIENT who has purchased our product, that we comply with the legal requirements of quality, suitability and safety.

Rule 2

After 48 hours of receipt the goods are not accepted returns for missing.

Rule 3

BOOTS & MORE LLC guarantees all products that are not accessories.

Rule 4

This warranty does not cover damage or damage caused by improper use.

Rule 5

BOOTS & MORE LLC covers the warranty when the product is defective at the factory.

Rule 6

To make the guarantee effective, the CLIENT must present the product, with its invoice within the time indicated.

Rule 7

Overdue the warranty period no claims or returns are accepted.

Rule 8

BOOTS & MORE LLC is not responsible for the Guarantee extended by the CLIENT to third parties.

Rule 9

There is no other express warranty, whether written or oral, other than those appearing in this limited warranty documents.